Coaching/Self Tape

As one who has been through the industry and truly understands how the acting mind works, Paul has honed his skills to assist his fellow artists. He provides a safe and easy workspace virtually and in person to allow creative minds excel.


Services offered:

Assistance with Self-TapingĀ  performance

Preparation work for upcoming production work

Guidance in Character Forming

Networking and Promotional Assistance


**Feel free to call or email to discuss your next session!**


Client testimonials

Had a great collaboration with Paul. We read together and he is an excellent reader who is open to play and run with any idea you throw his way.

Awesome reader! Very generous scene partner!

Paul was great! Helped me play around with different ways to bring physicality into a short self-tape audition scene.

Amazing session. Paul had some really good points as we ran through a self-tape. I felt 100% comfortable. Paul knows what he’s doing.

Really wonderful experience, so positive, helpful, & an excellent partner!